Saturday, February 28, 2009

National Caucasian Heritage Month

Ladies and gentlemen, school boys and school girls. It's the first of march. Which means it's National Caucasian Heritage Month. A month all the white folks can find there ancestors, learn the songs of there homeland, and force there history on everyone around them. Sounds like a joke right? Nope, I thought it up four years ago because; I got tired of listening to everyone get on about African American history month. (or Black history month, as it is really know as.) You know, the month where no matter where you turn, there is something about old dead black people. Love it, love it. So far as I've seen, there isn't a Caucasian Heritage month, why not? March seems fine to me, think I'll take it. (oh, white dude taking something else.)(Sorry Irish Americans, if you want, I could move it, maybe January?)And before you start throwing things at me, I'm no white supremacist and no racist. In fact, I'm tyring to promote just the opposite. Lets face it people, in many major cities, blacks outnumber whites, and there pretty close to it in all the other ones. Last I heard, in five years or so, white will actually be the minority. But will it stop anything, naw, doubt it. We're all still gonna hear about how my granddaddy owned someone else's granddaddy, and why I should have to pay his family for something nobody is even alive from anyway. But before I get off my original point to far. (Racism, not just for crackers anymore?) Frankly, racism is alive and well. (you know, in it's original context.) Last I saw, Americans were pretty quick to condemn anyone of Arab decent a few years back, and I'm sure the Illinois Nazis are still around. As for white on black racism, doesn't exist anymore, not on any kind of scale. From what I've seen, it's going the other way. The UNCF (united Negro collage fund[I think that's right}) ia a fund set on putting African Americans through collage, cool with me, if your smart enough to be a doctor, lawyer, art major, whatever, go for it. But do it like us, take the pell grant, school and sports scholarships, stay up all night studying for your next test, or let everyone else (including the white folk) have a fund for that reason to. And don't take the straight A students spot for some inner city kid who can't tell the difference between black marker and algebra. (yes, I'm angry at a lot of people who pull this same stunt.)(P.S. Anyone that got those spots, you'd better understand what you have, so don't blow it.) Apart from that, A few years ago in a major Ohio city, a black fire chief was criticized for not having enough black fire fighters. Even though the last class of firefighters had four of them, one that didn't show up, one that didn't pass the drug screening, and one who just could not perform the job. Um, which is better? A bunch of Black firefighters, or a bunch of guys who can actually put out a fire? African Americans get prosecuted for crimes more then Caucasians. Okay, maybe it's because most of the time they do it. It's not racist to say it, frankly it's true. (on the other hand 3 to 5 percent of people in prison are innocent anyway.) Before I get to long on this post, and go off offend someone. (to late?) I'll stop, but just take a look around, for two seconds think about everything African Americans have. (the month, MLK day [which is in January, oddly enough] all the funds dedicated to them, and lets not forget Jesse Jackson) How much of that do Caucasians have. If someone started something like them, how many lawsuits would be filed the next day? Racism isn't a term limited to white people, it's still a hate crime when black people attack white people because there white. I'm more then happy to call my month off, when everyone else does. I thought about leaving you with the word of MLK, but to do so, I'd have to put a whole segment of the speech up, and it's just to long. So I'm leaving you a link to his words, if you haven't read it, I would. He didn't want what we have now, he just wanted everyone to be equal.