Sunday, September 24, 2006

Something I really don't say much about.

Recently, a friend of mine made a blog post about a conversation with another parent about "Muslim" terrorists. About how not all Muslims are terrorist, and so forth. This along with a conversation I had with this person awhile ago got me thinking. Isn't religion funny? I don't mean in a joke sense (I can tell alot of jokes about alot of religions, but I wont) I mean in a way were something that was meant to be so pure has been bent and strained untill it doesn't resemble what it once was. I've spent a number of years studing alot of things, one of my favorite things to study is religion. I enjoy it because I can look at what was taught as compared to what is taught, you learn about the differnces between them, and how alike they all are. There are few religions left that I don't know at least one thing about, there are other that once I found out one thing, I wanted to keep learning to see if any of it made sense. (you'd be amazed at how little sense anything makes) If someone said something happened 200 years ago eungh, people would start beleiving them.
Personaly I think religion is a wonderful thing. (it may not seem like it right now, but I'll make that point eventally) I find that having something to beleive in gives people a reason to live, going to church every week can keep many kids off the streets, and I've seen many cases where faith has kept people alive. The problem is that many things become blured over the years, one item in any holy book can be thought of as saying "smite thy enemy" while if you look around that line, and though the work, you'll find something like "if someone has wronged you, then take revenge, and as they are at there knees, show them mercy." Recently the Catholic church has changed an area of there belief, because it could sound offensive, or doesn't seem right. Even though it's been taught for somewhere around 1500 years. Things change too much and you have a new religion under the same name, this creates alot of problems. Back on the start of this ramble I have started, I said something about Muslims. I'm not a Muslim, but theres is one of few religions I can understand, or for that matter, agree with. The only problem is that many Muslims beleive that any terrorist that commits terrorism isn't a true Muslim. What makes this problem worse is that the "radical" Muslims think these people airn't true either, and should perish with the rest of us. (I told you none of it makes sense)

Now for the part that after this I have no intention of talking about later, or commenting on another blog, so forth. I have choosen a path a number of years ago that makes my even more of an outsider then I was before. I've always been a very spirtual person, I see spirts walking around, I believe in karma, and I may not believe that a god created everything, I find a lack of proof that anything else happened. (not saying I found evedence that god created everything though) Around the 7th grade, (for now I count in grades rather then years, I forget how old I am/was alot) I found a religion that matched what I believe then and now. I never cared for many forms of Christanity because I never found it pure of heart. Or for that matter, I didn't like it contradicted itself so much. I remember reading one of my older sisters books on her religion long ago, I learned alot about it, it helped me choose what I am today.

(Okay, here comes the biggiey, don't freak out on me) I'm a witch. (Yes, witch, warlock isn't part of are thing) I Pratice Wicca. It's a long standing religion that was around before anything other then druidism, or shaminism. So heres the first couple of things I'd like to clear up. We DON'T worship satin or an evil deity. (Ok, now tell your friends, I'm tired of hearing about it.) We DON'T practice black arts. We do cast spells on occasion, not all of us, and not always. The ones we do cast are things like protection spells, love spells ever so often, and the occasional money spell, cause there are alot of broke people in the world. What we cast most, next to protection spells are healing spells; there about the same thing, with some differnces. We (and everone else) calls what we do magick. (sometimes it's magik, I wish we'd pick something and go with it.) We never cast curses nor do we cast a spell over someone without there premission. If we do that we believe it will come back at us. There are two main princeables we hold. The Wiccan Rede, I've never seen this in it's entirty, but the part every state that whatever we do will come back to roost at three. If we do something bad, it will come back to us three times. Same if we do good. The other then that I hold near and dear is: An it harm none, do what ye whilst. Thats the main thing, right there, don't harm anything or anyone in any way shape or form. This includes yourself. We do have a god, in fact we have two, the Lord and the Lady. It would take way too much time to talk about what they do, so I'll skip that. The only thing about Wicca is that it's very loosely based, the entire religion can change from one person to another, so you really can't write down the whole thing. I have written down the basics, people work from there. Okay, I wrote about that, so I hope I never have to write about it ever again, EVER!!!!


Blogger GoodyMom1 said...

a religious grounding is a good thing to have. my sister and her mate are wiccan, i'm a christian, and i have friends of various religious affiliations, but the one thing i've seen is that those who have firmly held beliefs are generally emotionally and psychologically better off than those who don't.


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Blogger Delirious said...

Yea, there are alot of wiccans where I live, especially in northern california. The one thing I have learned from my good friend who is wiccan is that they are nothing like what they are portrayed. I have so many friends of different religions, but I have never found one yet that was offended when I told them I would pray for them. And when they tell me they will pray for me in their religion, I am, in turn, thankful for their concern. That is what true religion is about.

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